Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Billie Goat Soap December 2009

Billie Goat Soap December 2009 Video Clips. Duration : 4.15 Mins.

Brady revisits Billie Goat Soap to see how much they have grown. Leanne Leanne Faulkner firmly believes in the law of attraction. Two very different situations came together in her life and the journey has been nothing short of amazing. You see, Leanne is an animal lover. Her husband John says she just has to rescue those on death row at the RSPCA. So her backyard is full of cats and dogs. But on one visit to the shelter she found a goat that was abandoned and about to be put down. She couldn't have that so Leanne went home with a goat. On the way out they said to her: "you do know how to milk her?" So Leanne had to learn how to milk, and boy there was a lot of milk. Now at very same time Leanne's little boy Liam was suffering terribly with eczema and despite trying dozens of medications and natural therapies nothing worked. Then one day she read on the internet that goats milk helped relieve skin conditions such as eczema. Leanne had plenty of goats milk. So she set about to make goats milk soap on the kitchen stove, and the first bars were just awful. But in time she perfected it and low and behold it cleared up Liam's eczema in a week. The goat did what the doctor's couldn't. She made more soaps and went to the local craft show one weekend to sell them. She sold out in an hour. Soon she was making soap in the kitchen and the garage and she couldn't keep up with demand. Later she moved into a factory and started employing workers. She's bought more goats ... and got rid ...

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